We are pleased to announce the publication of "Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist's Guide" by Dr. Jay Levinson.

"Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem" uniquely provides a Jewish understanding of what there is to see in Jerusalem. All other tour books about Jerusalem are focussed on the general tourist, giving secular descriptions of Jewish sites. The book also details many of the religious services available to the Jewish visitor.

Key factors to consider when preparing to visit Jerusalem: • A general tour book does not deliver the appropriate information and needs of the Jewish-minded tourist. • Jerusalem is a city with a rich Jewish history. • If a visit is prepared properly, the tourist can have a very rewarding Jewish experience.

This new book is designed for a Jewish readership interested in understanding Jerusalem from a Jewish perspective. It is not just another general tour book.

The book covers interesting background about popular sites and fascinating details about lesser known places. • How was the Talmudic era grave of Nicanor found? • Which places give the best views of the Temple Mount? • Where can you walk on the roof of the Old City? • How did the Geula neighbourhood get its name?

Whether this is a tourist’s first trip to Jerusalem or one of many, this book is bound to greatly enhance the understanding and appreciation of the city.

Title Information: Title: Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist’s Guide Author: Dr. Jay Levinson Publisher: The Key Publishing House Inc. ISBN: 978-0-9811606-7-2 Subject: Travel, Self-Help, History and Photography Release Date: 12-April-2010 List Price: $24.99 US Dimension: 5.5” x 8.5” Page count: 192 (Including photographs) Amazon link:

For bulk purchases: Ordering: Contact Jeff Anderson Distributor: AtlasBooks Distribution Phone: 1-800-BookLog Fax: 1-419-281-6883 E-mail: Wholesalers: Baker & Taylor. Gazelle. Ingram.

Press release & Author's Q&A:


Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem

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