Ashmoret avraham

Beit Knesset Ashmoret Avraham


Gershon Goldman 993-2154

Morning Minyan Edit

Sunday-Thursday 6:00 AM (Rosh Chodesh 5:45 AM).

Friday 6:00 AM (including Rosh Chodesh) and 7:30 AM.

Shabbat 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM.

Mincha Edit

Sunday-Thursday - no Minyan (go next door to Ohr Chaviv).

Friday 10 minutes after candle lighting

Shabbat Mincha Gedola Winter clock - 12:45 pm Summer clock - 1:15 pm

and Mincha K'tana (times change relative to sunset and are posted weekly outside the Shul).

Maariv Edit

Sunday - Thursday 8:15 PM

Motzash - Tzait HaShabbat.

Upcoming Smachot/Shul Activities Edit

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