Shorshei Yitzhar is a relatively new, small community "shteibl". It currently is located in the HaMenorah neighbourhood of the Zayit area in Efrat. The shul is led by Rabbi Avi Baumol shlit"a, the rabbi of Krakow, Poland. 

Currently, we only daven together on Shabbos.

Where are we?Edit

To get to Shorshei Yitzhar: From the Dekel Shopping Center (from the southern entrance to Efrat), you continue north on David HaMelech Blvd.. Continue with the road as it veers left. Shortly after that turn there will be a turn to a large road on the right. This is Rachel Imeinu Blvd., the road leading to Zayit. Turn right onto that road, going up the hill. Turn at the first left onto Zeit Shemen at the school building. Stay on that same street, following it constantly. Turn at the second right, onto Yehudah HaMaccabi. Take the first right, onto HaMenorah. 

We are located at 21, on your left. There is plenty of parking along the street. At number 21, go all the way down the steps, passing the front door. There is another black door on the left of the stairs. Boruch HaBoh!


Minchah and Kabbalas Shabbos 5 minutes after Hadlokas Neiros

Shacharis 08:30

Minchah Gedolah 13:20

Ma'aeiv 3 minutes before Motzei Shabbat

(For exact times, contact the Rov)

The RovEdit

Rabbi Avi Baumol shlit"a                052 616-3232                                            

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