Here is what I learned recently trying to rent a car locally.

Dodidan in Betar Edit

In Betar rental known as either: Davidan, Dodidan or Dudidan I have heard mixed reviews of their service.

Phone: 02-572-5056 or 052-351-0801 They are cheap but deductible (hishtatfut azmit) was high $3500 or for an extra 45 nis per day you can waive it For a small extra fee will deliver to Efrat.


According to the Aviswebsite, there is a branch in Beitar


NDMN agent in EfratEdit

Nechemia & Deborah Mor on Zayit are agents who can get a good deal thru Budget (or Avis) Their cars come with 350 km per day instead of the more common 250. They are very well recommended.

993-4148 or 054-721-4496

Rental Insurance Edit

The following info is true to the best of my knowledge as of Oct 2009. However the rules change often so check the details yourself. --Tom 13:17, October 23, 2009 (UTC)

Many credit cards from the US have free LDW/CDW insurance for worldwide car rental. However because of local regulations they are mostly not usable in Israel. This makes rental significantly more expensive. For example the regular, gold and platinum card offered by Visa, MasterCard, American Exress, do not cover Israel.

However one credit card that does work is the World MasterCard. If you have one of these, you can save a bundle on car rental by declining the LDW/CDW.

These cards usually come with a yearly fee, but you can apply for a free one online at Bank of America

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