• Biography

Dudi Kochmeister, 47, was born in Jerusalem and has been an Efrat resident for 16 years, together with his wife and five children. Dudi studied in Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav and then in the Technion, where he acquired a degree in industrial engineering and business administration.

  • Military Service

Officer in the Infantry Corps, attained the rank of Major (regular service and reserves) and served as a Platoon Commander, Brigade Operations Officer, Battalion Operations Officer, and Operations Officer for the Northern Battalion (reserves) for four years. In his last station, he ran the Operations Command for the Battalion, planning and supervising operations with many officers and soldiers under his command, and executing the Battalion’s operations.

  • Project Management

Dudi has worked as a project manager for large corporations, heading the development, planning and implementation of large-scale operations for complex systems. These projects included the management of scores of workers, multiple resources, and budgets of tens of millions of dollars. In organizing these systems, Dudi worked with upper management, production facilities, and consumers.

  • Business Consultant

Dudi is a recognized consultant for the Ministry of Trade & Industry, advising small businesses. In this capacity, he has met with owners of small businesses having organizational and/or financial difficulties, enabling them to pinpoint problems, find solutions, and come up with long-term recovery plans. Dudi has successfully "turned around" a wide variety of businesses in distress.

  • Organizational Consultant

Dudi has done 8 years of intensive consulting for the Tzvia educational network, that resulted in: • The building of a new administration, the clear defining of goals and policies, and the ongoing operation of a small and effective management group; • The establishment of a system for managing finances, including a regular financial review that pinpoints deficits and produces concrete solutions for revitalizing the system; • The organization of the construction needs of some 30 institutions, including building, renovation, rental, and ongoing maintenance.

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