Council MembersEdit

Email Contacts Edit

Mayor's OfficeEdit

  • Oded Revivi, Mayor: [1]
  • Rachel Templeman, Manager, Mayor's Office: [2]

City Manager's OfficeEdit

  • Iris Hazan, Manager, City Manager's Office: [3]

Council ComptrollerEdit

  • Tamir Fogel, Internal Comptroller: [4]

Computer DepartmentEdit

  • Bentzi Drori, Computer Department: [5]

Council TreasuryEdit

  • Sharon Horowitz, Council Treasurer: [6]
  • Ruthie Luria, Secretary of Treasurer's Office (Responsible for Purchasing): [7]
  • Revital Kolin, Bookeeping: [8]
  • Nava Bendel, Bookeeping: [9]
  • Nisim Yaakov, Collection Department: [10]
  • Jeny Maimon, Salary Accounting: [11]

City Maintenance DepartmentEdit

  • Dafna Sharon, Secretary, Maintenance Dept.: [12]
  • Yisrael Schwartz, Manager, Maintenance Dept.: [13]

Security DepartmentEdit

  • Manu Bloom, Secretary, Security Dept.: [14]
  • Ori Shechter, Head Security Officer: [15]
  • Meir Katz Army Security Coordinator: [16]

Engineering DepartmentEdit

  • Debbie Okashi, Secretary, Engineering Dept.: [17]
  • Moshe Ben-Elisha, Council Engineer: [18]
  • Yosi Shloosh, Building Inspector: [19]

Education DepartmentEdit

  • Batsheva Deri, Secretary, Education Dept.: [20]
  • Carmit Weingarten Administrative Accounting: [21]
  • Avi Romano, Advancement of Youth: [22]

Social ServicesEdit

Emergency ServicesEdit

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