Egged Taavura provides bus service from Jerusalem to Efrat and back, within the area yishuvim, and to Beit Shemesh, Beitar and Beer Sheva. Some of the buses are provided under contract by the Gush Etzion Development Corporation.

Jerusalem Bus Lines Edit

367/369 Efrat - Bituach Leumi Jerusalem Edit

377 Efrat - Talpiot Jerusalem Edit

267 Night Owl / Efrat - Central Bus Station Jerusalem Edit

Internal Bus Line Edit

44 Efrat - Bat Ayin Edit

  • Dagan - Moshe Ben Maimon, Mevo Nikanor
  • Zayit - Rachel Imenu, Matityahu, Haketoret, Zait Shemen
  • Dekel - Dekel St, Netzach Yerushalayim
  • Gefen - Hagefen
  • Teena turnaround
  • Rimon Street
  • Trempiada, South Gate
  • Gush Etzion Junction
  • Alon Shvut from new gate to old gate
  • Alon Shvut junction
  • Rosh Tzurim
  • Kfar Etzion
  • Bat Ayin

Other Bus Lines Edit

409 Neve Daniel - South Efrat - Beit Shemesh Edit

  • Neve Daniel
  • Neve Daniel Junction
  • Elazar Junction
  • Efrat Teena Turnaround
  • Efrat South Gate
  • Beit Shemesh Train Station

410 Kfar Etzion - Efrat - Beitar Edit

  • Kfar Etzion

440 Jerusalem - South Efrat - Beer Sheva Edit

Rav Kav Edit

Al Hakav Edit

You can get Rav Kav cards at Al Hakav offices around the country. There is an Al Hakav office above Rami Levy in Tzomet Hagush, as well as in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, and the Hadar Mall in Talpiot.

Accumulated Value (ערך צבור) Edit

In Gush Etzion the public buses are bullet or rock protected buses, and are subsidized. While generally youth and senior citizens pay half the regular fare, in Gush Etzion buses, everyone pays half the regular fare. This creates issues when trying to pay with Accumulated Value (ערך צבור), where discounts are applied to different classes of riders when the Rav Kav is charged, not when the credit is used to buy the ticket. Therefore, Egged Tavura will not allow use of Accumulated Value (ערך צבור) on buses to/from and within Gush Etzion.

Travel Contracts Edit

You can purchase the following Rav Kav "travel contracts" for use on buses to/from and within Gush Etzion:

  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily Passes - provides unlimited travel within the time period
  • Multi-ride ticket (6 rides) - provides 6 one-way rides. There is no additional discount on this ticket, it is only a convenience.
  • Multi-ride ticket with continuing trip (6 rides) - provides 6 one-way rides, as well as a single ride on a local Jerusalem Egged bus (not the light rail) before 4am the next morning. You cannot start this ride on the Jerusalem Egged bus and continue with a ride to Efrat; you must travel from Efrat to Jerusalem before using the continuing trip.
Monthly/Weekly/Daily Pass

חופשי חודשי/שבועי/יומי

Multi-ride ticket


Multi-ride ticket with continuing trip

כרטיסיה עם נסיעת המשך


ירושלים מורחב

אשכול עוטף ירושלים קודי מחיר 56 - 6 נסיעות

גוש עציון קוד 56 - 6 נסיעות

Within Efrat

פנים אזורי גוש עציון

אשכול עוטף ירושלים קודי מחיר 51 - 6 נסיעות

Efrat/Beit Shemesh

אשכול עוטף ירושלים קודי מחיר 57 - 6 נסיעות


Charging the Rav Kav with Travel Contracts Edit

The Rav Kav can be charged with passes and multi-ride tickets the following ways:

  • On the bus in cash
  • Using the Rav Kav Online Android application. Due to limitations in the iOS operating system, there is no Rav Kav Online iPhone application

Complaints about Service Edit

If you have issues about the bus service, please register your complaint with the following:

  1. Egged Taavura
  2. Ministry of Transportation
  3. You will get an email receipt from the Ministry of Transportation. Forward that to:

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