Efrat Emergency Medical Center

The Efrat Emergency Medical Center is located on Sderot David Hamelech (near Park Haasor) .

Please Call before coming.

  • Phone 02-993 2211
  • Hours
    • Sun-Thu 19:00 to 7:00
    • Fri 13:00 to 7:00 Sunday Morning

If there are any questions, concerns, feedback and ideas regarding the care at the EEMC please call - 24 hrs a day:

  • Rabbi David Marcus, Executive Director 050-361 4214
  • Dr. Yitz Glick, Chairman and Medical Director 053-770 9797 or 02-993 3108
  • U.S. work 216-445-4956, home 216-269-6150

IN EMERGENCIES always call Magen David Adom - 101

Emergencies include:

  • Prominent shortness of breath
  • Sudden chest pain
  • Loss of consciousness or altered mental state (new onset)
  • Possible airway obstruction (food or other foreign body)
  • Impending birth
  • Significant trauma (car accident, fall, pigua etc...)
  • Major burn

If in doubt call 101!!! 30-50 volunteers of Mada and Hatzalah are on call in Efrat and Gush Etzion 24 hrs a day

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