22:30 - Shiur for Women by Batya Hefter: The Shabbat Experience in the Ten Commandments

23:40 - Dr. Ari Greenspan: The Great Matza Controversy - the Rounds and the Squares (History of Matza around the World)

0:40 - Rav Shimon Golan: "V'Samachta B'Chagecha" - Simchat HaChag in General and on Shavuot in Particular

1:30 - Rav Moshe Cuperman: These are the things that have no limit

2:15 - Rav Jeffrey Saks: The First Luchot and the Second Luchot

3:00 - Rav Todd Berman: Kavod HaBriot as a Halachic Decisor

3:45 - Rav Eli Eidelberg: Why was Megilat Rut included in the Tanach?

4:30 - Siyum Limud Mishnayot - Seder Zeraim

4:45 - Megilat Rut

5:10 - Shaharit

5:34 - Netz

Refreshments and drinks will be served throughout the night, and there will be breaks between the shiurim.

The shiurim are open to men and women and will be given in Hebrew.

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