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Efrat LibraryEdit

The Efrat Library is run by the Efrat Matnas, and is located in the same complex as the main Efrat Matnas building at the top of Gefen.

  • Librarians: Shoulamit, Linda, Esther
  • Phone: 993-1894, or call Matnas 9932935 and ask for the library
Efrat Library Hours
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Motsei Shabbat
  10:00-13:00 10:00-13:00   10:00-13:00 09:30-12:15  

14:00- 20:00

15:00-18:30 15:00-18:30 14:00- 20:00 15:00-18:30    
          Summer: 20:30-21:30 Winter: 20:00-21:30
  • English Story Hour with Shari Greenspan: Sundays 16:30-17:30 for 4-8 year olds. NIS 8 per meeting
  • As of January 2009, Efrat residents receive free membership; residents of other towns may borrow books for an annual fee.

Online CatalogEdit

The Efrat Library has an online catalog and up-to-date information at this location:

You can login (knisa on the right side using your ID number [teudat zehut] for both username and password.) Then you can search books using the online form. Note: Koter means "title." On the results list, you can click on otakim to view the status of all the "copies" the library has of that title (e.g., available or checked-out).

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