Women's MikvaotEdit

  • Erev Shabbat and Chag - All three mikvaot are open from 40 minutes after candle lighting according to Tel Aviv - for 15 minutes
  • In emergencies, you can order a konenet outside regular hours for 50NIS at all the mikvaot
    • Hadassa Lapidot (Rimon, Dekel & Zayit) - 9931220, 054-4860576
    • Marilyn Broder (Dekel & Zayit) - 9933072, 052-6433072


The Rimon mikve is operated by volunteers, so please be on time, and come prepared. It is located across from the Te'ena Commercial Center, around the corner from Kupat Cholim Clalit.

  • 9931513

Winter 2016

  • Sunday-Thursday: 21:00-21:45
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: One hour after Tzeit Shabbat for 30 minutes

Summer 2013

    • Sunday-Thursday: 21:00-21:45
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: 21:30-22:00


The Dekel mikve is located behind the round wall, between the Dekel Commercial Center and Beit Knesset Merkazi Givat Hadekel.

  • 9938647
  • Summer 2011 (DST)
    • Sunday-Thursday: From 40 minutes after Knisat Shabbat until 9:45
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: 30 minutes after Tzeit Shabbat for 2 hours
  • Winter 2016
    • Sunday-Thursday: 18:00-20:30. By prior arrangement (the previous evening), you can arrive before 18:00
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: 30 minutes after Tzeit Shabbat for 2 hours


Located at 34 Zayit Shemen, just beyond the Kol BaRama/Zayit Ra'anan batei knesset building, just after the ganim. The mikva is enclosed by a white picket fence.

  • 9934740
  • Summer 2010 (DST)
    • Sunday-Thursday: 20:30-22:30
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: 21:00-23:00
  • Winter 2016
    • Sunday-Thursday: 19:30-22:00
    • Motzei Shabbat & Chag: 19:45-22:00

Men's MikvaEdit

The men's mikva is located in the Neta Binyamin building in Rimon. It is open for key holders only - for information regarding fees please call the Moetza Datit 9931772

Mikveh KeilimEdit

Rimon - Access is from the parking lot next to Kupat Cholim Maccabi across the street from the supermarket in Rimon.

Dekel - Next to the entrance to the women's mikva

Zayit - Stairs opposite the entrance to Beit Knesset Kol BaRama - Zayit.

All mikvaot keilim in Efrat are only open during the following hours. Please take your garbage away with you.

  • Sunday-Thursday 6:00-16:00
  • Friday 6:00 until 1 hour before shabbat
  • Saturday nite: closed

Please take your garbage away with you.

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