"Mishmeret Kedusha" offers:


Top quality (mehudarot) Tefilin (phylacteries) from 1850 – 2150 NIS The Batim - Boxes are "Gasot - Or Echad" which means that they are from skin of bovine leather formed into small individual boxes.


Finest quality mezzuzot in a variety of Sfardic and Ashkenazic traditions and many other ritual items

Free Consultation: Sefer Torahs

“Mishmeret Kedusha” - the center for marketing and refurbishing of STa”M.

For the passed twenty years, “Mishmeret Kedusha” has specialized in fixing, restoring and marketing Torah scrolls. We would be happy to offer your Congregation a free consultation in the following areas:

  • Purchasing new and restored STa"M items in all Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions
  • Cleaning and restoring of Torah Scrolls
  • Purchasing used Torah Scrolls
  • Fixing Torah Scrolls

We look forward to supplying you and your congregation with all your STa”M and ritual items.


"Mishmeret Kedusha"

Tomer– 054-4526946 or 02 – 5001532

16 Yitzchak Sholal St, Geula, Jerusalem

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