Buying Tefilin & MezuzotEdit

  • Mishmeret Kedusha - 16 Yitzchak Sholal St, Geula, Jerusalem; 02-5001532 or 054-4526946

Tzitzit, Tekhelet, TalitotEdit

Checking Tefilin & MezuzotEdit

  • Rabbi Mordechai Binyaminson, Sofer Stam (Bat Ayin, delivers to Efrat)
  • Rabbi Natan Siegel - 993-1823
  • Rafi Kadosh (Dekel Gimel) - 9938193
  • Adam Sharon (Bat Ayin) - 9932516
  • Rachamim Alfasi - 9934830

Shatnez CheckingEdit

Rav Gurvitz 5373123,654-0928 Rav Shefa Mall (first floor) or Har Nof


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