Shivim Panim is a program hosting different guest speakers on Sunday evenings at 20:15 (following Tefilat Arvit at 20:00) at Beit Knesset Zayit Ra'anan.

If you have ideas for guest speakers, or any other questions, please contact David Curwin at 930-9402.

List of Speakers
Date Speaker Topic
1 12 Sivan, June 19 Rav Yisrael Rozen Conversion in Israel - The Current Situation, Halachically and Practically
2 19 Sivan, June 26 Yochanan Ben-Yaakov Is Torah V'Avodah Still Relevant Today?
3 26 Sivan, July 3 Prof. Moshe Koppel The Emerging Constitution: Good for the Jews?
4 3 Tammuz, July 10 Rav Aviya HaCohen Sefer Devarim and Ma'amad HaIsha
5 10 Tammuz, July 17 Rav Menachem Leibtag The Mitzva of Kibush V'Nachala in Sefer Bamidbar: Mitzva L'Shaa - Or Mitzva L'Dorot?
6 24 Tammuz, July 31 Dr. Efraim Zuroff Rescue Priorities During the Holocaust - the History of the Vaad ha-Hatzala (Rescue Committee) of the American Orthodox Rabbis
7 2 Av, August 7th Dr. Baruch Schwartz Moshe's Role in Composing Sefer Devarim - Differing Opinions Among The Sages
8 Rosh Chodesh Elul, September 4 Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf Mashiach B'Zman HaZeh - The Crisis of Messianism in Jewish Society
9 7 Elul, Sept 11 HaRav HaGaon Yaakov Ariel HaEmuna B'Mivchan HaYamim
10 14 Elul, Sept 18 Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl Halachic Prenuptial Agreements
11 21 Elul, Sept 25 Rabbi Zev Vitman The Order and Structure of the Slichot
12 6 Tishrei, October 9 Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon Good Deeds between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – Deception or True Teshuva?
13 27 Tishrei, October 30 Dr. Howard Deitcher Theological Discussions with Children - Surprises and Challenges
14 4 Cheshvan, November 6 Rav Amnon Bazak Bein Avraham L'Yitzchak
15 11 Cheshvan, November 13 Rachel Levmore The Yearning for a Child to Carry on - Halakha Reflecting Human Nature
16 18 Cheshvan, November 20 Rav Avraham Shammah Stories of Destruction in Sefer Bereishit - and their meaning
17 25 Cheshvan, November 27 Rav Amichai Gordin Is there meaning to sacrifices in the 21st century?
18 3 Kislev, December 4 Dr. Menachem Katz Can we deviate from the nusach of the tefila? A reading of a story of Agnon
19 10 Kislev, December 11 Rav Yoel Nachshon The law of the Torah vs the law of the State
20 17 Kislev, December 18 Dr. Noach Chacham Greeks, Hashmonaim and Everything in Between
21 8 Tevet, January 8 Rav Chanan Porat The Double Crisis of the Fast of the Tenth
22 22 Tevet, January 22 Rav Baruch Gigi The Connection between Harugei Beitar and Birkat HaMazon
23 7 Shvat, February 5th Rav Dror Brama “Each man would do what was right in his own eyes” - A study in democracy, privatization, and the religious establishment following the Book of Shoftim
24 21 Shvat, February 19 Rav David Bass Heter Iska B'Psika Yisraelit
25 28 Shvat, Feb 26 Rav Shabtai Rappaport Professional Confidentiality and Prevention of Sin
26 12 Adar, March 12 Rav Elchanan Samet -
27 - - -

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